3 Must-Have Freelancer Tools For Awesome Communication and Organization

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Freelancer tools have become indispensable to project management. A freelancer can’t manage every aspect of their business by themselves. They need a tool that will help them get back on track when they are able to take breaks, or need more productivity for some reason. Here’s a list of 3 must-have freelancer tools.

Freelancer tools for productivity and project management

We have collected freelancing tools and project managers here. All of these website/apps can help you to organize yourself, keep track of your work and communicate with your clients.

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Asana is a great tool for managing your projects and tasks. It is used by teams not only to track progress but also to communicate about a task or project. There’s a board that can be used to visualize the work, as well as a task dependency system where you can mark tasks as waiting on other tasks. Using the timeline feature, you can show your team how all the pieces fit together. There’s also a “Workload” feature where you can manage each team member’s workload.

Asana is a great tool to manage your project and team. It helps you visualize where your team is at with tasks and projects, and shows you how the work fits together. You can use the timeline feature for this, or if you want to get more granular, there’s a “Workload” feature that lets you manage each team member’s workload.


If you are a freelancer and need help with project management, Trello is the tool for you. These other tools listed below make system building easy.

Ultimately, Trello is a great option for freelancers and agencies who are looking for project management software. It offers a full suite of tools and customization that is attractive to many different types of users.

Trello is an awesome tool for any freelancer. It’s a free collaboration tool that makes it simple to create lists, cards, and boards within the program. Perfect for managing projects.


If you’re not already using tools like Evernote and Pocket, it may be time to start. These tools can be instrumental in helping you stay organized and focused, which ultimately means that you’ll be able to work more efficiently and effectively. Whether you’re a graphics designer looking for inspiration, an events coordinator trying to keep track of schedules, or a blogger searching for items, publishers and resources, these tools offer a great solution.

Pocket is a great way to save links, videos, and texts for the day when you have the time to check them out. Rather than having to make a whole new account for this purpose, you can use your current one and it doesn’t cost you anything. You can save anything you find online, videos or articles from Facebook or Twitter as well.

Pocket is a freemium service. That said, it offers two basic ideas: you can access Pocket for free on your browser, or pay for a premium subscription to support the website. If you’re looking for a good way to save articles for later viewing, Pocket might be the perfect solution for you—or at least give you the ability to view them and create a list of content that you can read later again and again.


In the end, freelancing is all about efficiency. You’re not going to charge clients by the hour, so you need tools that help you get your work done quickly and easily. Email is great for keeping in touch with clients. Calendly helps make scheduling appointments simple. Trello is great for project management and communication. And Feedly keeps everything organized on a visual level.

We hope these tools help you to be more efficient, communicate more effectively with your team members, and organize your projects with less time and stress. They can definitely help to make freelancing easier so are definitely worth checking out.

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