How To Use Chat GPT by Open AI For Beginners

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Welcome to this article on how to use GPT Chat, a revolutionary AI chatbot built by Open AI. This state-of-the-art artificial intelligence allows you to generate conversational text for any questions you might have. It can even code for you

How To Use Chat GPT

In this article, I will show you how to set up an account and how to use it, because you can actually use two different interfaces. For now, the AI ​​chatbot is completely free, but when I look at my usage page, I see that each request costs me around 2-4 cents, so in the future, it will be paid, but for now, you can use it completely free. But only time will tell exactly how much it will cost.

Well, it’s time to get yourself set up to use this revolutionary technology to your advantage.

In the first step of Chat Gbt,

open your browser and enter

chat gbt
chat gbt

To use it, you’ll need an account with Open AI, the company behind it.

So simply click login and say create open AI account. Here you fill in a new email, choose a password, and after verifying your email and the phone linked to your account, you’re ready to go.

And now when you log in to you will face this interface. And this is the basic interface and now you can start asking it questions. 

chat gbt interface
chat gbt interface

Chat Gbt Playground

But I want to show you another way to get there because it’s a user-friendly way, but you can also go to the playground at and we have more customization options in the playground. 

chat gbt playground
chat gbt playground

So you can actually choose the AI ​​model they’ve trained here, and while DaVinci 003 is the latest model that’s also used in this user-friendly interface, you can choose others to learn more about the technology. Most of the time DaVinci will be best. 

chat gbt DaVinci tenbyte
chat gbt DaVinci

For example, you can now go ahead and raise the maximum character length. So if you’re trying to write an essay, this is a great way to control the length. And while you can use this and say “write me a 2000-word essay on artificial intelligence.” Here it is. 

chat gbt writing
chat gbt writing

If you want even more inspiration, you can go to, and then you can see an even more comprehensive range of examples of what to use it for: like this Emoji Transformer movie title. I went through this site and made an Article about the most useful ones right here and I hope you found this article helpful, see you soon 

Chat Gbt link

Chat Gbt Playground link

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