Get A Raise With These Powerful Freelancer Tools

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Is it time to start leveraging your skills and potentially growing your freelancing business with some of the most popular freelancing tools on the market? The truth is that most freelancers are using only a few of the top tools out there. This means they’re missing out on some great opportunities to get more freelance work, grow their brand, and earn more money. Freelancer Tools

Freelancer tools for marketing your skills

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So you’re thinking about getting into freelancing but haven’t quite figured how to market your skills. Well, this blog post will fill you in on some great tools you can use to promote yourself and your services. If you’re looking for more information on freelancing, then I’d recommend checking out the blog post I made:

Freelancer has a wide range of tools that can help you with your marketing. We have listed some of the most useful ones below:


Drip is a freelance tool for e-commerce sites, and it can help you increase your sales.

Drip Freelancer tool Drip can benefit your e-commerce site and increase sales if you’re a freelancer. Drip collects and analyzes customer data, personalizes your site to your target customer, and allows you to engage across multiple platforms. Pricing is determined by the number of people in your account, but you can start with a free trial. It’s easy to use, so you can start improving your business immediately. Drip Freelancer tool Drip can help with all that, so you can spend more time on what you do best and less time on what you don’t—which is getting repeat clients.

With this tool, you can collect and analyze data about your customer’s buying habits, including which devices they use, what they like about each platform, and how often they interact with your content. You’ll also be able to see who’s activating their account when it’s not active—and then engage with them directly on their platform of choice.

So go ahead and start a free trial today! Freelancer Tools


If you’re a freelancer, then you know how hard it is to find clients. You also know that the more projects you get, the better your name becomes in the market. But how do you make sure that you’re getting those projects?

Well, if you have some experience and are willing to work hard, there are some great tools that can help. One of those tools is IFTTT (which stands for “if this then that”). Freelancer Tools

IFTTT is used by many brands you recognize, including Google and Spotify. The goal of IFTTT is to help companies increase their customer engagement on a variety of digital channels. The company understands this is difficult for many businesses to achieve, so the work has been done for you. Using plug-ins called applets, you can leverage the brands that your clients already use, including their social media, to connect them to your work and learn more about your customer’s behavior

IFTTT is a tool that many businesses use to automate the tasks that are most difficult and time-consuming for them.

If you’re a freelancer, this means using IFTTT to help your clients engage with your services on social media, so they can learn more about your customer’s behavior.


Sumo is a great Freelancer tool for marketing your skills.

It works with your website by offering tools to help with things like increasing traffic to your site and bringing users back. The service can also help you build lists and more. Sumo is user friendly for people with no HTML experience.

Sumo is a marketing service that works with your website. The service can also help you build lists and more. Sumo is user friendly for people with no HTML experience. Freelancer Tools


Are you a freelance designer? If so, then you know how important it is to get your work out there.

Thankfully, there are a lot of tools that can help you promote your portfolio and share it with the world. One such tool is Dribble.

This platform is great for designers looking to showcase their work and get exposure for their portfolio. You can also find inspiration on Dribble—there’s always something new to look at! Dribble is also a great place to find freelance projects if you need some extra income or want to get some feedback on your portfolio before moving forward with bigger clients.

If you sign up for the pro business plan (which costs $99 per month), you can find work through the freelance projects job board or connect with other designers who use the platform regularly.


Starting an email list is a great way to keep your brand at top of mind for your existing clients, and also to recruit new clients. You can use your list to send a newsletter with updates on the work you’re doing or timely topics that position you as a subject matter expert.

Mailchimp is an option for those who don’t want to work with HTML code. The service also has different levels of plans, including a free option for anyone with a subscriber list under 2,000. The paid plans step up based on the number of subscribers.

You can also use Mailchimp for other tasks like managing customer emails, campaigns and drip campaigns, or building landing pages for your website


Hopefully, Freelancer Tools this list of resources has helped you get started with expanding your network and marketing your freelancing services to new audiences. Again, it may be a little overwhelming at first, so don’t be afraid to start small and try a few different approaches. Remember that the best content strategy is no strategy at all; just keep producing great content, and you’ll naturally increase your audience over time.

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