Chat GPT 4 vs. GPT 3: A Comparison of the Latest in Language Modeling

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The upcoming release of GPT 4 is generating a lot of excitement and speculation. As a language model developed by Open AI, GPT 3 has already set the standard for human-like text generation in multiple languages and contexts. GPT 4 is expected to be even more powerful, but what do we know so far?

There are rumors that GPT 4 is already being used to power Chat GPT in Microsoft’s Bing search engine, but this has not been confirmed. It is likely that a controlled release will be used for GPT 4, similar to the way GPT 3 was initially made available to selected partners and customers before its public release.

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Chat GPT 4 comparison

While some sources suggest that GPT 4 could be up to a hundred times larger than GPT 3, Open AI CEO Sam Oldman dismissed the idea of a hundred trillion parameters as complete BS. Instead, there will likely be a focus on improving GPT’s ability to use existing data efficiently rather than throwing more data at it, as bigger data models are not always better performing.

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Improvements in generating computer code are expected, as GPT 3 already has the ability to generate code in programming languages such as JavaScript, Python, and C++. There is also speculation that GPT 4 may combine chat capabilities with Dali 2 to create visualizations, but Oldman denied that GPT 4 will have image creation capabilities.

It is important to manage expectations around GPT 4, as the hype around GPT 3 may lead to disappointment for some. However, it is clear that GPT 4 will be a significant improvement over its predecessor, and it will be exciting to see what new capabilities it will bring.

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