ChatGPT Tutorial: 5 Mind-Blowing Ways To Use This AI

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Chat GPT crossed over 1 million users in less than 5 days for context it took WhatsApp two years, Instagram two years, and Snapchat one year to cross that Milestone. So, it’s safe to say that chat GPT is a pretty popular and potentially disruptive tool. If you’re unfamiliar with chat GPT it’s a conversational AI model that was created by open AI.

ChatGPT Tutorial: 5 Mind-Blowing Ways To Use This AI
ChatGPT Tutorial: 5 Mind-Blowing Ways To Use This AI

gpt3 AI language module

Open AI is the company that created the gpt3 AI language module. Gpt3 stands for generative pre-trained Transformer and is a type of language model that leans on machine learning and deep learning principles.

Create human-like content

To create human-like copy and content through an API and natural language processing. So this is the AI model that most AI copywriters are built on and this is how they’re able to create human-like content.

Open AI recently launched chatGPT the main difference between chat GPT and gpt3 is that when using chat gbt you’re able to use the AI model in a more conversational way. So, they’ve trained to chat with GPT to interact in a conversational way.

ChatGPT to answer follow-up questions

The dialogue format makes it possible for chat GPT to answer follow-up questions admit its mistakes challenge incorrect premises and reject inappropriate requests. So, chat GPT is a sibling model to instruct GPT which is trained to properly follow instructions. And provide a detailed response unlike Jasper and other AI copywriters.

At the time, chat GPT is completely free to use. Essentially it’s in a testing mode and we have the privilege to use this powerful AI for completely free. So, In today’s article let’s do a deep dive into chat GPT. Let’s take a look at its features its functionalities and make some predictions. About how this AI will be used in the future. And if it is a disrupter for the current AI copywriters in the market.

There’s a couple of ways in which you can use chat GPT

First way

The first way is to use it to explain complex subject or concepts so whatever subject effect or concept that you need to explain. Just search that up on chat GPT. Click enter and as you can see the AI will start explaining that concept for you. For this example, I asked the AI to explain how the economy works. And I got a nice explanation about the economy and about how the economy works. The real beauty of chat GPT is how easy it is to use they’ve created this AI model to be conversational between the human and the AI.

Let’s say the first output that we got back was a little bit too complicated. I can ask the AI to explain it to a child and It’ll simplify that explanation. So you’re able to really speak to this AI like it’s a person. Chat GPT is very easy to use, it’s very conversational and it makes it very easy for you to guide the AI in the direction, Which you would like it to go. So, that’s the first way in which you can use chat GPT. you can have it explain complex subject matters and keep in mind if you’re generating explanations that this AI is trained on content up to 2021.

Second way: Write Blog Post

The second way in which you can use chat GPT is by using it like a traditional AI copywriter. For this example, We’ll be asking the AI to write five blog post titles for an article about the best stocks to invest in. if you’re a teenager again once we’re happy with that command hit enter.

Third way: Copy for your Content Marketing

There a couple of different ways in which you can generate content using this AI. Another way in which you can use this AI is by using it to generate any type of copy for your content marketing. The possibilities really are endless you can use this tool to generate Instagram copy Facebook ads YouTube scripts and so on. Again all you have to do is enter that command in the chat box. so for this example We’ll be asking the AI to write a script for a YouTube video about gpt3 technology.

Forth way Ability to fix and Create code

The fourth and possibly the most important function of chat GPT is the ability to fix and create code. I don’t have much experience in coding nor am I a software engineer. But I’ve seen examples of chat AI being able to create pages on websites, being able to create templates or widgets. And I’ve also seen it create a full scale website just by using this AI model in addition to being able to create code.

Chat AI also allows you to fix errors and codes. How easy that would make your life so I truly believe that that functionality will be the most important thing to come out out of chat gp3. And when it comes to disrupting or even replacing some of the most popular AI copywriters in the market such as Jasper I don’t think that this AI will replace it.

Replacement of Jasper AI

And that’s simply because Jasper AI is built for users and built for Content creators. So, I really do believe that the function and the power of chat gp3 is the ability to create code and to fix errors in codes. I do see in the near future that top AI copywriters such as Jasper or skilnot will introduce a chat gp3 model within their AI copywriters. So, it’ll be interesting to see how they can Implement that and integrate that within their existing AI copywriters.

Frequently asked questions

What is ChatGPT used for? You can use Chat GPT any way you want. You could ask it to explain complicated topics to you, curate recipes for your diet regime, suggest ideas for your next novel, write/debut computer codes, and whatnot! Basically, you are only bound by your imagination.

Is ChatGPT free? As of Dec. 2022, Chat GPT is available for free. You can access it via the OpenAI official website. The company has not yet revealed whether it plans on adopting a paid/freemium model in the future.

Is ChatGPT an app? As of Dec. 2022, Chat GPT is available for free. You can access it via the OpenAI official website. The company has not yet revealed whether it plans on adopting a paid/freemium model in the future.

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